Follow along the evolution of Friendurance.

Percentile Radar

Sep 20, 2023

Know your percentile with the new radar

Friendurance now features a personal profile page including a radar. The radar calculates each users position against the total user base along 4 dimensions of frequency (activity count), speed, distance and elevation. Those with the biggest circles and are the biggest athletes.


Sep 15, 2023

Unite to compete

Friendurance thinks team performance further. Teams are now public in a sense that the overall team performance is displayed in public leaderboards. Dont only compete within your team. Use that competition to push your entire team and become the no. 1 team on the Friendurance leaderboard.

Feedback Page

Sep 13, 2023

Friendurances loves feedback as much as sports

Particularly early in the product lifecycle Friendurance seeks to be extremely close to its earliest users. That's where the public feedback feature was born. From anywhere in the application hit "Feedback" and submit some thoughts in seconds. Then, view and vote other feedback.

Team Dashboard

Sep 12, 2023

The first building block

At Friendurance's very core sits a team dashboard. Once athletes sign up, they can join a team and are directly presented with aggregated team metrics in the following forms.

  1. Data Table
  2. Shoutouts
  3. Map

Sep 11, 2023

Introducing "Friendurance": Elevate Your Strava Experience

Friendurance isn't just another fitness dashboard—it's where your personal Strava journey meets the collective drive of your team. Strava has empowered us to conquer distances, but Friendurance amplifies the journey by turning every pace, every mile, and every coordinate into a collective celebration.

This 1st version of Friendurance features the following capabilities:

  1. Log in via Strava
  2. Join a team or create your own
  3. View team aggregate metrics
  4. View a global map of activities

Friendurance emerged from the idea that activity metrics are more fun to look at if not only viewed on an individual activity basis in the Strava app. But much more if aggregated across time and friends.

Build by Lukas on his balcony with lots of cold post-workout smoothies.đŸ¥¤